Top 7 Websites To Learn Programming Languages For Free

Are you a newbie in programming world? Or are you one of those people who are already working somewhere but want to get a shot at promotion by adding more languages to their arsenal? All this can happen if you strive hard and acquire good knowledge of newer programming languages. So basic question might be asked, how can I learn any particular language? Should I join a coaching class or should I learn it on my own?
If you are the one who wants to learn some programming language without any hassle on your own, then you have reached the right place as in this post, I will tell you about top 7 websites offering free online tutorials. So let us start by listing and getting brief information about each one.

1. W3Schools.Com

While listing websites with free tutorials for any of the programming language, the name that is going to top all the charts is undoubtedly W3schools. This website has ultimate collection of tutorials for beginners and this collection is comprised of tutorials on almost all the web languages like HTML, ASP.NET, PHP and so on. All the lessons are very well put up and easy to understand. If you want certificate for displaying it in interviews, you can get such certificate after giving its exam based on your language. This is the only site that offers you all the web languages at one place.

2. Channel9.Msdn.Com

When it comes to .NET based languages, many websites both Microsoft featured and private are available which can teach you how to use these languages. So if you want to learn C# or ASP.NET or any other language related to .NET framework then there are two websites which I personally liked. Out of which one is This website has everything that a .NET beginner might ask for! All the examples are fairly simple and all the concepts are very well explained. If you have got a query then you can even ask questions to their professionals through forums which add real value to it. So this website is at number 2 according to me.

3. Msdn.Com

Another websites which I talked about is itself. The website has biggest collection of lessons and information on all .NET based languages. You can learn any .NET based language using this website. The only drawback of this website is no video tutorials are available for users and that can be a little problematic sometimes, otherwise this website is the best for everything related to .NET.

4. LearnVisualStudio.Net

There is one more website related to .NET technologies, which I want to show you before we turn to other languages. The specializes in Visual Studio development and has hundreds of videos piled up as tutorials. The only thing that may not be well-received by many users like me is the fact that this website is paid website. Yes, it does offer free videos as well, but those videos are not sufficient for getting in-depth knowledge about languages. Anyone willing to spend few extra bucks can opt for this website as this website has really detailed tutorials in its arsenal. Personally speaking, I learnt Silverlight for Windows Phone using this website.

5. LearnPHP.Org

If you want to learn PHP then multiple websites are available to do so. Although such is the case that multiple websites are available for learning PHP, only one website caught my attention. The website offers free PHP tutorials in written format. The websites has tutorials for learning various CMS development like phpnuke, phpbb while it also addresses all the tips and tricks hidden in this famous language. If you are a PHP beginner then you must try this website out.

6. Java Docs

If you are seeking Java based tutorials then no other website can teach you more than Java’s own website (now owned by oracle). This website addresses literally every topic that can be considered as related to Java. No concept is left behind as this website starts with very minute topics such as “hello world application” and gradually moves towards more complex topics such as networking features embedded in Java. While teaching you Java features, it also teaches you many things about OOP (Object Oriented Programming). Again no video tutorials to help you.

7. CProgramming.Com

C and C++ fans shouldn’t be worried if I haven’t turned towards these languages yet. There was a reason behind this. As most of the modern languages are evolved from these languages, developing skills in these two languages can really help your promotion bid. While surfing few days ago, I found out one website which has pretty self-explanatory written tutorials. It updates you with all the basic concepts as well as all the advance concepts which need deep knowledge of language. Using this website you can get all the in-depth knowledge about C and C++.
So these were some websites which I came across and liked personally. Obviously there are many more of them; for example, if you want to learn PHP, you can search it on Google and this search giant would give you more than thousand results for the same but no one can assure you about the quality of these websites.

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