Some Unusual And Unique Features Of Windows 8

Soon after its announcement, Windows 8 became one of the most awaited operating systems we have received till now. Needless to say, like its previous version, Microsoft will seek to make it bigger and better. Currently Windows 8 is available only to developers as developer’s preview. If you want to get your hands on this beautiful operating system before it makes way to market, you can download it now. As we reported before, Microsoft is also planning to launch Beta version in February 2012.

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Before any of you start heading towards downloading page, here are some unique or unusual features of Windows 8, which are worth knowing.

Windows To Go

This feature enables users to boot Windows 8 directly from USB. Before this, only few operating systems, mostly based on Linux had this feature which is known as Live Operating system. But now with Windows 8, you get it!

Booting At Rocket Speed

Microsoft has demonstrated in past, how fast its latest version of Windows can be loaded! We were first reluctant to acknowledge it, but Windows 8 takes very less time for loading. When we tested developer’s preview, this operating system took only 6 seconds while loading, which is a great improvement over all its predecessors. With Windows 8, Microsoft has silenced all its critics criticizing legendary loading time required for its flagship OS, Windows XP.

Internet Explorer 10

Microsoft has provided the latest version of internet explorer in Windows 8 and let me tell you, Internet Explorer 10 has undergone tremendous change and it’s much faster. Like it or not, it’s going to be one of the top contender in browser market.

Metro UI

Yes, this post could not be completed without the mentioning the all new user interface Microsoft has devised for Windows 8. This interface is being touted as one of the sexiest UI Microsoft has even built. In this UI, Microsoft has successfully meshed simplicity with interactivity. Company even has redesigned working of “lock screen” along with its look. Other than this, famous “Start” menu has received a fresh change.

RAM Consumption

What do you think? How much RAM would Windows 8 need to run? Surprisingly, Windows 8 uses less than 300MB RAM for smooth functionality.

Social Networking Integration And Cloud Support:
Microsoft has managed to bundle cloud support with Windows 8, enabling users to save files on go. Windows 8 also sports better social networking integration.

Reset And Refresh

Users are well aware of refresh option of Windows 8. Most of people (including myself) overuse this “refresh” feature. In Windows 8, you will get one more feature along with this world famous “Refresh” and that is “Reset”. This “Reset” feature will remove all your files and will put your PC back to the way it was.

Windows Store

Another much awaited feature Windows 8 will receive is Windows store. This new app store will host thousands of applications and games, which can be downloaded or purchased.

Ribbon Interface

Few years ago Microsoft created much buzz, when it changed the interface of its Office Suite 2007. The same ribbon has been given to Windows Explorer in Windows 8 which makes it easier to handle all file attributes. On other hand, those who hate this ribbon interface can disable it with a single click.
Network Support:
Other than these traditional features, Windows 8 also support Wi-Fi, NFC and Native ISO images, which means there will be no need to download extra applications for reading disk images or to start Wi-Fi. It also supports ARM processor, which is a great addition if Microsoft is to take on tablet world.
Apart from these features, there are many other features which Microsoft has not revealed yet. For example some features, of which we caught glimpse were task manager which has been revamped totally and Hyper-V, visualization tool for all IT administrators.

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