How To Disable Facebook Timeline

Not many days ago, we found ways to get back old Facebook to get read of annoying “Ticker news feed”, a chat that’s sucks, and host of other features. So as per we promised then, we have found a way to fix the probably the worst feature of current Facebook, Timeline. Though some of you might not agree with my opinion that Timeline sucks, but those who play games like Farmville or Mafia Wars, will certainly agree with me as this new feature makes it difficult to see games posts. But don’t you worry, as now we have found extension that will give you back, not completely old Facebook, but much closer version of it.

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The extension which we are talking about is known as “Social Fixer”. The developers of this lovely extension claim that this extension can

Revert back your Facebook profile to old single column view, which is a great deal
Hide your cover photo
Hide that sticky friend’s box, which never leaves its place (upper-right corner of wall)
Hide all those small maps situated above wall

Steps to disable Facebook Timeline

Simple; first you’ve to download “Social Fixer” extension” depending upon your browser. For example, if you are using Mozilla Firefox then you will

have to install “Grease-monkey” first. Once installed, you will get a small

control panel box in upper-left corner of your Timeline. This control panel will give you direct control over your Timeline. The control panel provides

options to toggle features described above. If you want to close this panel, no problem! You can do that as all the options are also present in wrench icon situated under blue header.

Unfortunately, this extension cannot revert back Timeline completely to give old wall view, moreover this post does not oppose Facebook’s Timeline feature in any way; It just shows way to those who don’t like it.

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