How To Submit Blog Posts To Multiple Social Networking Websites In A Single Click

When it comes to promoting a website, no better way can be found than doing it over social networking websites. In last few years, social networking websites have ruled the world of marketing leaving other traditional marketing strategies far behind.

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So if you are one of the aspirants trying to promote your products/services or blog posts online, then paying attention to each of these social networking phenomena is a must. To name a few, Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Digg and Google Plus are the few websites that drive great traffic towards blogs increasing their reader base. In recent times, Pinterest is another site which has seen immense growth and driving more traffic than Twitter and Google Plus combined together reportedly.

But as we start developing more amount of content every day, it becomes difficult to publish post on each of these websites as posting on each individual website includes redundant work and requires time. But this won’t be a case anymore as we are here to show you some simple yet powerful way which will reduce your work by 50%. So what are those ways?

1. Onlywire:

When I started thinking about the services I would tell you about, the first name that popped up in my head was Onlywire. It is a social media engine that allows bloggers, publishers and SEO professionals to line up their content for auto-submission to various social media websites. Onlywire allows you to choose the social media websites where you want to promote your content (supports 50+ sites) and it even lets you choose all the different Facebook groups in which you have been added and where you wish to post your article, cool isn’t it?

This obviously is a paid service but you can try its trial version up to 300 submissions for free. This service is at number one for its simplicity and usefulness.

2. Social Poster:

Social media plays a great hand in growth of any website and if you aren’t spamming social media already then you might want to try harder. Now as technology is evolving, you don’t have to post links to each media individually; instead you can use social poster! Social poster is a tool which lets you post your link just once and then spread it all over the social network.

You can also download its Bookmarklet for Mozilla Firefox which will allow Firefox users to share the content conveniently.

You can share all your content by visiting its website. We found another website with the same name as social poster, so I was initially in doubt over their purpose. But later when I checked both websites, they both serve similar purpose and thus you can use any one of them.

3. Network Publisher:

It is another WordPress plugin that allows users to publish posts to multiple websites in a go! This plugin has some really impressive features which are sure to attract many WP users towards it. Using this plugin you can publish your post to multiple websites (30+) or you can also instruct this plugin to spread the post on all of these websites every time you update your website.

Users can review all the weekly stats, allowing them to shift their promotion policy as required. You can view weekly stats based on social networking website while it also shows you the status of your post on each website.

4. Ping.FM:

Ping.FM is another online tool that will allow you to publish your post to multiple websites with a single click. It’s a free service that allows you to associate more than 20 famous social networks. It also lets you share any particular post or message to multiple Facebook users’ walls or groups with no more efforts than sharing it once. You can do much more than just sharing with this Ping.FM.

You can find all the services provided by Ping.FM here. If you need any further help, Ping.FM has some really helpful articles, which can steer you through any doubt.

So these were the four services which you can use to reduce your efforts and get most of the available social networking websites. Did I miss anything or have I made any goof up; feel free to share your thought through comments.

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